Match Your Wedding Gown With Your Flower Arrangement

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Match Your Wedding Gown With Your Flower Arrangement

When it comes to planning the bridal look, there is a chronological order to things. You do not buy the shoes before finalising the wedding gown. The dress is always thought of first and then follows shoes, hairstyle and accessories. The flower bouquet you carry should be thought about somewhere in between. Most brides tend to ask the following questions when choosing the floral arrangement:

• Is it going to be exclusive or will it match the decor in some manner?

• Should it blend in with the theme or stand out?

• Is it suppose to match the dress or not?

Our answer to most of these questions is personal preference. Just like the Bridal Gown is a profoundly subjective choice, so is the bouquet. That said, there are some rules that brides can follow to pick the perfect flower piece to hold on the D-day. Here is a style guide for your flower bunch.

• The flowers need not be more complementary to the theme of the wedding than the dress itself. This is because a

bride does not carry the bunch the entire time. It is needed just for the ceremony.

• If you are a bride who is opting for an opulent gown, then choose a small bunch that has elegant and round lines.

An embellished midline or a ball gown look best matches a concentric circle of flowers like in a posy.

• On the other hand, if glamorous skirts are not your thing and you are going to wear straight silhouettes, then the flowers can be more extravagant. Trailing flowers like a cascade of orchids will go perfectly with such attire.

• Now that the cut of the dress has told you the shape of the bouquet you will need, decide on the nitty-gritty of it.

Match Your Wedding Gown With Your Flower Arrangement

The first step is to ensure that the arrangement doesn’t obscure your waistline. It is this natural curve that brings out the beauty of the wedding dress; do not hide it behind the flowers. Think more like a tiny bunch of calla lilies that indeed accentuate the waist.

• Another technique for deciding the kind of flowers you should carry down the aisle is looking at the style of the gown. For example, if the dress is vintage, then a wildflower bunch will be apter than orchids.

• An easy option is peonies. They work with most shades and types of wedding gowns without looking out of proportions. The only rule is to add in some green leaves to the bouquet.

Lastly, do not over think the floral arrangement too much. A wedding is a big occasion and it is better to let small things slide. If the tone of the flowers is not matching precisely to the dress colour, let it be. It is not an essential requirement. Furthermore, a few splashes of colours always ten to photographer better than monotone shades. A final tip is to personalise the flowers you hold, if possible. Add a tiny ornament or a small trinket that holds value to you and your partner. Make even this minuscule part of the wedding special.

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