Shipping & Packing Instructions for Fresh Flowers

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December 22, 2021

Shipping & Packing Instructions for Fresh Flowers

A person (face not seen) is packing bunches of flowers inside a carton getting it ready for shipping.

Flowers are prized for their vibrant colors, sensual scents, and unique patterns. Therefore reaching the various floral markets worldwide requires flower transportation over long distances. A shipping partner ( will help you send fresh flowers by mail to your family and friends who live far away. Learn how the experts do it through this deep-insight article we have compiled below. The professionals at Avon Solutions and Logistics, one of India’s best shipping partner service providers, have compiled valuable information on the steps and precautionary measures to be taken while packing and transporting flowers across borders. Know more

All You Need to Know About Packing Flowering Plants

Flowering plants use the stems to store energy. Hence, flowers, when separated from their plants, have to be stored in sealed packages as they age faster. Cooling systems are essential here to prevent it from dying. Furthermore, flowers must be hydrated and humidified to increase their shelf life. A simple hack is to restore its water by immersing them in clean water.

Ethylene gas is produced by plant respiration, fruit ripening, and the burning of organic materials, and it causes flower death or wilting. When cutting flowers, use a sugar-containing solution to keep them fresh for a short period. Flowers are usually prone to infection, especially fungal infections. Therefore, it is essential to preserve with fungicidal sprays and dips.

Steps to Pack & Mail Flowers

According to the golden rule of flower shipping, flowers should be packaged when being shipped. Flowers are lightweight items, so choose a shipping carrier that will deliver your flowers to your intended recipient quickly, safely, and at a reasonable cost. Here’s how to send flowers safely and efficiently.

  • Pick your flowers first thing in the morning and keep them cool and dark.
  • Tying the flower stems together with twine or rubber bands will create a more formal look. Wrap the stems in paper towels and place the flower stems in a plastic bag.
  • Use a corrugated box to ensure that your flowers arrive in good condition. Remove the flowers’ stems and measure the distance between the flowers and the box’s edge.
  • Always use cable ties or rubber bands to secure flower arrangements inside your box.
  • Wrap the flowers in cellophane wrapping paper, foam sheets, or bubble wraps to keep them from falling out or becoming squished.
  • After wrapping your flowers and securing their location in their box, place them in a larger container with additional cushioning to keep them from moving around.

A person (face not seen) is packing yellow rose flowers.

Precautionary Measures to Be Taken During Flower Transport

Flowers are delicate and easily damaged during shipping, so learn about the best flower shipping practices. Consumers or intermediaries, such as wholesalers or florists, receive cut flowers directly. This makes it thrive for only shorter duration. Furthermore, flowers are prone to bruising and breakage during shipping, so they must be properly packed before shipping.

  • Maintaining optimal temperatures will delay the onset of aging processes.
  • To extend the life of flowers, they should be transported with their stems suspended in water vases.
  • Flowers should be shipped overnight or sent through express delivery to avoid damage or perish during transportation.

Gather all necessary supplies before selecting the flowers to ensure that they arrive safely and securely. Take care to send flowers overnight or two days later to keep them moist and fresh. If you’re sending cut flowers, make sure to unpack them as soon as possible. During the warmer months, please ship flowers the next day, and during the cooler months, please ship flowers within 2-3 days.

International flower delivery is highly possible in the current scenario with the help of reliable courier partners. However, follow the golden rule and tips suggested in this article to ensure that your flowers will arrive in perfect condition: fresh and undamaged. Most importantly, ship your flowers overnight to ensure that their natural beauty is preserved.

The front of the bouquet or arrangement should be facing up in the nest, and fill the box with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper. Include your contact information and the date on the pack.

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