Flower Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings

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February 5, 2018
Significance of Florals Decorations at Weddings
February 20, 2018

Flower Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings

Facts about Indian Wedding event decorations

Wedding event decorations usually are like flowers spread all over the location to give it an attractive appearance. Indian wedding is not different - Indian wedding events focus a lot on flower decor for the weddings. From inviting the bride and the groom, to exchanging garlands and bouquets, Indian wedding celebrations dominate the scene of flower decoration. Indian wedding ceremonies are mainly carried out in marriage halls, and these days, destination themed weddings have emerged as a topping on the cake. No matter what kind of wedding event it might be, an Indian wedding day is unfinished without flower decorations. Some of the essential things you have to bear in mind while selecting flowers are as follows:

  • Select the standard set of flowers. Obviously, you could have many different kinds of flowers; however sticking to one type is a smart idea to give it a grand appearance.
  • Match it with the background. If the flower you opted is marigold, keep marigold in your background layout too. It could perhaps be the first flower, or the ones that are occasionally spread, however, it must be a part of the background so that it can give a great look.
  • The garlands and the bouquets usually match. Be sure that the garlands do not cause any injury to the neck of the couple as they will be wearing them for a long time. At the same time, ensure they look attractive as well.

Indian Wedding Floral Decorations Ideas

Points to focus on Wedding stage decoration

  • Arrange mini boards, decorated with hued blossoms with a cute message in the middle of the board, written by the couple to invite the guests for the wedding.
  • To bring more harmony in the decoration, add long elegant, beautiful tube-roses. These would remind of flower shower from the above.
  • Use yellow flowers, arrange them in the circular design and keep the Haldis in the middle. The color and the arrangement will be simple yet attractive.
  • Instead of going for the usual flower vase decorations as the centerpiece, try decorating a floral-tree at the center of the table with some bright, colorful flowers. In the bottom of the floral tree, decorate it with some fragrance candles and with some contrasting flowers.
  • Floral art umbrella is also a fashion thing. Replace the old design by designing a fresh color umbrella (mostly red or yellow) with some flowers to give a classic entry to the bride when she walks into the wedding hall.
  • Do not leave the wedding hall chair without decorating. Design the chairs with some flowers to give that elegant appearance.
  • Bridal Seat – the bridal-only-place, arrange the place like a throne where the bride could sit and welcome her friends and relatives.
  • Make some neck pieces using some light color flowers, preferably matching the bride & groom’s wedding dress color. This could add a more versatile look to the couple.
  • In the center stage, where the seats of bride and groom are placed, set up a swing decorated fully with flowers and some pillows to the sides of it matching the flowers color.

Try, and you would be surprised by the added elegance to the stage decoration. You could also decorate the cake table with some flowers and attract guests towards the cake table. Contrast color flowers will do the job. If your cake is white, arrange the cake-table with red or blue color flowers to give the cake and table a stylish look.

Trendiest decors in Indian weddings

Using flowers as jewels is the new trend! In recent times, more people are preferring to wear flowers as jewels. Designer floral earring, floral anklets, floral bracelets and add freshness to the look. Arranging flowers as a frame on the center stage could make an excellent background for the scene and it would also look amazing as a photo booth. Make sure to arrange these flowers according to the attire of the couple.

Decor with some chai glasses with different flowers and keep them in the chai stand. This is one of the trendiest decors we have seen in weddings these days; it would be the excellent mix of tradition and modernity. Decorate the empty walls in the wedding halls with some fantastic flower designs weaved into different and unique patterns.

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